Textbooks for Alexyz

Thank you Foundation

After a short while at college already, Alexyz wanted to show her thanks to the Foundation! She sent us this message about her college experience so far:


“Dear Foundation for Foster Children,
This is my first semester as a transfer student from Valencia College at UCF. The Foundation played a huge role in making the transition as smooth as possible. I’m so thankful to have the Foundation’s support in my academic success. The classes at UCF are larger, more challenging and require way more studying than I’m used to. I am coping well and got a 94% on my first test in Enjoyment of Music. My favorite class this semester is surprisingly my accounting class. With the LearnSmart, I get extra practice with homework that gives me extra credit.

I’m so thankful that with the Foundation’s support…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”- Alexyz

We’re happy to help, Alexyz! Keep up the good work.

The Foundation for Foster Children strives to support foster children academically. We assist with shortcomings through tutoring and our Education+ Program. Additionally, we encourage foster kids to consider college and expose them to new opportunities. With these tools, our kids hopefully become successful, independent adults.