Building Futures, Offering Hope

Mariah is a 22-year-old young woman who meets weekly with her FFC Advocate, Sara. Mariah is currently attending Valencia College while also working full-time. At 15, she entered the foster care system, living in group homes with little stability. She is now living independently and although she is a hard worker, without having the support of family, it is sometimes difficult to make ends meet.

When she joined the Empower Advocacy initiative in 2021, she began to learn about managing her finances and time-management. Her Advocate helped her learn how to grocery shop, budget, and cook healthy meals. But Mariah says that the greatest thing FFC has given her is time. Time to be heard. Time to help her learn how to express herself and talk about her challenges, and her goals.

Mariah knows that her Advocate is always there for her, to support and guide her along the way. Ensuring she has all the tools and resources she needs to reach her dream of being a nurse in the future. We know she will succeed.

“Before FFC, I was scared for my future. I needed guidance and support. Sara has been there for me every day. Now I have a chance, I have hope.”   – Mariah