The Artists You’ve Never Heard Of







Paige, Dakota, and Kristopher are being cared for by their 82-year-old great-grandmother. They have switched schools and fallen behind in their studies several times, and have had no access to recreational outlets or cultural activities due to their grandmother’s limitations. COVID restrictions and distance learning have made this time even more challenging.

Our Early Literacy Coach came to the rescue with a virtual painting event for the siblings. We purchased all the supplies and helped get them set up on the zoom call. Once the instructor started, the kids were ready! They each painted using their own creativity and added some fun twists. Kristopher, in particular, really enjoyed the painting process. “I’m such a good artist!”

In the end, they were all so proud of their masterpiece. “Can you hang our new paintings on the wall? We love them!” Not only was the event a learning experience but it also helped with sibling bonding, showed them how to be creative, and allowed them to participate in a fun event that they otherwise would not have been able to do.

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