welcome to ENRICH

Welcome to ENRICH – where the Foundation for Foster Children is dedicated to provide foster youth

with immersive, normalcy experiences to help them transition to adulthood with success.


“I love to get out of the house and have fun with my friends”



FFC believes that immersive normalcy experiences are an integral part of guiding foster youth toward success. Basketball games, stage shows, and theme park opportunities can provide children with a memory they will remember for a lifetime.

Dedicated volunteers come together each month to create handcrafted birthday cards, ensuring that every foster child feels remembered and celebrated. Partnering with 4Rivers adds an extra layer of sweetness to the celebration, as they generously provide delicious cakes to accompany the birthday cards. Click here to learn more about our Celebration Club.


FFC extends its support during the summer months by funding enriching experiences such as summer camps, field trips, college tours, and more. This is instrumental in providing children with opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and memorable adventures.

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