Zoe: A Very Active 5-year-old

A Very Active 5-year-old

Those who meet foster child Zoe B. instantly notice her caring personality and big heart. Her foster motheris inspired by her compassion and notes that, due to her nurturing tendencies, she foresees her going into the medical field.

Like most 5-year-olds, Zoe is extremely active, so her foster mother thought it would be most beneficial to allocate her energy towards constructive activities, such as sports. Thanks to the Foundation, she now takes swimming, soccer, dance, and gymnastics lessons. Throughout her life, she faced poor muscle tone and developmental issues. She found traditional forms of muscle rehabilitation to be tedious and boring, so taking gymnastics has allowed her to stretch and strengthen her muscles while also participating in a fun activity!

Zoe enjoys swimming the most of all her activities. Her favorite part of swimming is getting to jump into the water from the edge of the pool. Zoe exclaims with an infectious smile, “It makes me laugh and laugh!”

The Foundation proudly works to make an impact on families like Zoe’s. With Becky’s creative thinking and the support of the Foundation, she is staying active and working through her muscular drawbacks. We hope her family stays involved with the Foundation; we’d love to hear more of her story!