Shawntia Transitions to Adulthood

Shawntia Transitioning

Young adults transitioning out of foster care are often unprepared for independent living. Without the unconditional support of a family, it can be difficult to avoid outcomes common to so many other foster youth such as unemployment, incarceration, or homelessness. The Foundation steps in to support youth with these independence skills so that they can succeed independently. Shawntia is one of our success stories.


When Shawntia began her post-secondary education in 2013, FFC was there to fulfill her request for a laptop computer to study. Since then, we have connected her with a caring mentor through our LIFEGUIDES mentoring program; provided the funding for driving lessons and her learner’s permit; scrubs for her school uniform; a matching grant to purchase her first car; the cap and gown for her graduation from Winter Park Tech; and the security deposit for her new apartment. Knowing she could count on FFC to support her, Shawntia has been able to build the foundation for a successful adult life. In her own words,

“I can’t explain how humble and grateful I am for having you all in my life. I promise to make you guys proud. Thanks for paving my way. You all are my heroes.”