Providing Gifted Foster Youth the Tools to Succeed

Providing the Gift to Succeed

We do not typically provide laptops for children this young but Adrian’s case manager advocated strongly for him to receive one since he is a gifted student. The excerpt below, taken from a letter written by Adrian’s teacher in support of his request, shows what an incredible young man he is. With the right tools and encouragement, we have no doubt that Adrian will succeed in both school and life.

A letter from Adrian’s teacher

“Every school year, there are a handful of students who stand out to a teacher, and in some years, there may only be one. This year, Adrian is that child. Day in and day out, Adrian demonstrates a beautifully crafted balance of knowledge and character, but what really stands out is his unquenchable thirst for continued learning. He is an avid reader and writer, but his academic strengths are consistent across the board. He is a high-achieving gifted student with extensive background knowledge across the disciplines, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to challenge himself to know more. You can often find him reading a book, engaging in rich discussion with his peers, or grappling with a math equation that he will not leave unsolved.
Adrian’s peers love being around him and hearing the interesting facts that he learns. His classmates also flock to him when trying to find just the right words to deliver a written response, as his articulation of ideas will leave people in awe of his 5th grade brilliance.
As Adrian continues to grow this school year, I certainly look forward to seeing the top-notch work that he will produce, much of which will require the use of technology. With a focus on rigorous Florida standards that call for innovative deliveries of content, extensive collaboration and research, as well as multimedia sources, the use of technology will play a major role in the success of many future assignments. From creating commercials to biography research projects, there will be several needs for the use of adequate technology. In an ever-changing world, Adrian is much deserving of opportunities to continue to excel in all areas of academics without any minor setbacks such as technology.”
Together with our volunteers and donors, we are changing lifetimes.