Volunteerism at it’s Finest!

An Amazing MLK Day!

What a phenomenal group of volunteers we had at the MLK Day of Service! All throughout the day, we hosted a total of thirty people, ranging from elementary students to retirees, with many different professions and talents represented! In order to “break the ice”, each volunteer introduced themselves to the group and spoke about their passion, profession, hometown, and interesting things they’d done. Many were amazed when they found out their commonalities! Within the group, we had several lefties, New Yorkers, and a few thespians!

Sharing Experiences

The interesting things they shared truly were a highlight as well! One volunteer told of her adventure of swimming with sharks! One shared her inspiring story of being a two-time cancer survivor! One has a passion for speaking and he’s won many awards! We also had a junior volunteer who aspires to become a biochemist, a high schooler who is both a cheerleader AND a wrestler, and another high schooler who mentors young athletes!

Hundreds of handmade birthday cards and Education+ “Congrats” cards were artfully created with lots of care. Volunteers also skillfully assembled care packages and prepped items for the Safe Space and Supplies Program. Diapers, wipes, backpacks, pajamas, school kits, and more were sent over to the service centers!

The MLK Day of Service was a fun time of togetherness and thanks to the volunteers a lot was accomplished! It was a pleasure to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through service. As one volunteer put it, “There’s nothing more important than giving back!”

MLK Day of Service_Brittany_Yanelis_Yansy_Trish    MLK Day of Service_John_Emma_Valentina    MLK Day of Service_Cindy & Francisco and son   MLK Day of Service_Valentina_Emma   MLK Day of Service_Group Volunteer Photo 2              MLK Day of Service_Group Volunteer Photo 3    MLK Day of Service_Girls Volunteering    MLKDayofService_WhyIServePhoto 4   MLK Day of Service_Supplies Ready for Safe Spaces   MLK Day of Service_Supplies Ready for Safe Spaces 2