Volunteer Spotlight: Paul and Enid

Paul and Enid have been volunteering with the Foundation since July 2017 and have donated 175 hours of their time thus far. Paul and Enid are weekly office volunteers who help out with anything birthday-related, as well as special projects. Paul is a retired social worker and Enid is a retired teacher. Since they have more free time, they decided to give back!

Paul and Enid are passionate about foster care due to having fostered one of Enid’s students. One school day, Enid knew it was a student’s birthday, so she coyly asked her class, “Who has a birthday today?” but no one raised their hand. The unknowing birthday girl was the child they later fostered. She was eventually reunified with her mother and although she left Paul and Enid’s home, she never left their hearts.

This is Paul and Enid’s reason for volunteering – to do so in her honor. This is why Paul and Enid have a fondness for helping with birthdays. To date, the duo has mailed over 1,000 birthday cards and prepared many birthday gifts. They also call our 18+ youth on their birthdays and wish them a very happy birthday.

In their spare time, they greatly enjoy watching their one-year-old granddaughter and spending time with their family. Enid is also an avid crafter who collects Florida seashells and has a passion for literacy. She loves to help kids enjoy reading! Paul loves all sports. His favorite band is The Beatles and has lots of Beatles memorabilia to prove it!

We are so glad to have this dynamic duo on the FFC volunteer team!

How do I volunteer?

If you want to follow Paul and Enid’s shining example, then navigate over to our volunteer page and learn more about the process. The Foundation relies greatly on the help of volunteers, interns, and mentors like yourself, and we can often find something for you to do that fits your interests or skills. We hope to hear from you!