Thank you Beaulieu family!

The Beaulieu Family

The adorable Siena, Joseph Beaulieu, and Ali stopped by our office last week with their mom, Carmen, to drop off the items they collected in lieu of presents for their first communion. These items will come in handy in our Safe Space locations, where foster children sometimes wait until a placement is found. Thank you for your selfless gifts Beaulieu family!

Beaulieu Family June 2016

As shown in our picture, the family brought several backpacks and duffel bags along with some diapers for young children. Since foster children often have to change homes frequently, they must carry all their belongings everywhere they go. Sadly, a child with a garbage bag full of their things an all-too-common sight.

To solve this, the FFC does its best to stock these Safe Spaces with suitcases and backpacks. This way, foster children have a way to hold their belongings on their own accord. In addition to luggage cases, we also provide care packages like toiletries or snacks, as well as some entertainment like books. If there’s any way¬†to make a foster child’s experience in the court system easier on them, the FFC will find it.

Contact Info

If you or someone you know would like to collect items or fundraise on behalf of FFC, please contact 407.422.4615 for more information!