Volunteer Spotlight: Scott

Scott’s Contributions

Scott has volunteered with the Foundation for Foster Children since April 2016.  In that time, he has given more than 160 hours of his time! Scott first learned of the Foundation for Foster Children through his involvement as the President of a local Toastmasters club. He combines two of his passions – helping foster children and public speaking – to use his presentation skills for the benefit of our kids. As a way to use his skills, he represented the Foundation on many occasions, speaking at civic groups, schools, and businesses.

Spread the word

Thanks to Scott enthusiastically spreading the word about the Foundation, many others have also chosen to get involved! At two youth events, he facilitated the John Maxwell Leadership Game for Teens. He’s also volunteered at other events and assisted youth with developing their own public speaking skills. He proves to be very handy in our office, helping with mailings and various improvement projects. Last but not least, Scott even jumped in to save the day, by being Batman for our HeroFest Orlando event! With volunteers like these, who needs superheroes?

How can I volunteer, too?

In Scott, we have a shining example of how we can make use of, and benefit from, anyone’s unique skills and background. His history of public speaking allows us to engage with our community more directly, as well as better communicate our mission statement and our needs.
Due to our unique approach to supporting foster children, you will have the chance to engage with kids individually, just as Scott did. You’ll see the impact you’re making with your own eyes.
If you know someone who wants to volunteer, please send them to this link: Get Involved-Volunteer!
You could also support the Foundation’s mission through donating or mentoring.