Sara’s Inspiring Story of Success

Sara is eight years old and in 4th grade. She and her big brother are both in foster care, thankfully together in the same home. Being removed from her home was hard on Sara, even though it was necessary for their safety and well-being. It created a lot of upheaval in their lives and not surprisingly, Sara fell behind in school. It was hard to concentrate and stay engaged in a new school without her friends and teachers she loved, not to mention the stress and challenge of COVID-19. Her foster mom heard about the Foundation and contacted us for help. We signed Sara up for intensive one-on-one tutoring at home, which immediately made a difference in her demeanor and then her grades.


After just a couple of weeks, Sara raised her GPA from 2.25 to 3.1. “I like that my tutor helps me with my homework and makes learning fun.” With her improved grades and feeling more comfortable at school, Sara is much happier. The Foundation also funds Sara’s gymnastics classes, which she loves.