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Orlando Magic Gives $100,000

Orlando Magic has dedicated itself to philanthropic efforts in the Central Florida area. Since 1990, the basketball team has donated over $23 million to organizations like the Foundation for Foster Children. On January 23, we received $100,000 of Orlando Magic’s $1.04 million contribution; this makes Orlando Magic our largest donator to date!

Our unique approach to providing financial assistance makes the Foundation an excellent choice for philanthropic efforts in Central Florida. Whereas other organizations might have a “cookie-cutter” system of assistance, the Foundation for Foster Children emphasizes individualized assistance; we fund specific ventures in order to help kids enjoy a life of normalcy during their time in foster care. We provide for things like birthdays, bicycles, or laptops for school: all important items, but ones that might be considered “non-essential”.

When Betsey Bell, our Executive Director, accepted Orlando Magic’s grant, “she was nearly brought to tears when she heard the grant amount”, according to the NBA’s report. “We’re so incredibly honored by this, and knowing what this will do for our kids… is very surprising and exciting,” Bell said.

It truly was a magical day on January 23rd when the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation awarded the Foundation a Grant of $100,000! This will go a long way to help provide the personalized support around education for our local kids in foster care. Every child deserves their Best Shot, and the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation is making sure that happens.

Read the NBA report on this event here, and learn about how Orlando Magic is investing in the future of Central Florida.

How you can contribute

Would you like to donate to the Foundation as well, and change a child’s life? Learn more here. If you don’t have $100,000 laying around, don’t fret! Any contribution goes a long way under the studious care of Betsey Bell and the rest of our staff.

Betsey Bell accepting a check from Orlando Magic Philanthropy team
Betsey Bell accepts a check for $100,000 and a commemorative jersey!