Meet Zoe

Endless Energy

5-year-old Zoe is full of energy and “has never met a stranger”. Zoe’s caretakers knew she needed an outlet for all this energy but didn’t know what it should be. With assistance from FFC, she has begun to channel her energy into gymnastics (or “funnastics”, as she calls it), as well as soccer, dance, and swimming lessons. That’s a very busy schedule!

Not only is she a natural athlete, she is also an aspiring princess who enjoys wearing her princess dresses on trips to Disney World with her foster family. When she is not busy with her princess duties, she loves playing with her brothers, Malik and Morgan, and helping her foster parents with chores around the house. She sets an example for all the other kids around her!

Oftentimes, foster children cannot experience these fulfilling activities due to various barriers. The Foundation works individually with foster youth to help them follow their¬†passions like Zoe did. If you’d like to help foster children participate in enrichment activities such as soccer and gymnastics (or “funnastics”), donate here today!¬†You can contribute with confidence, knowing that your gift will go directly to making a foster child’s dreams come true.