Meet Jailyn


Jailyn is a senior studying hard to stay on the honor roll. Spending her spare time making money at Bed Bath and Beyond to save up for college, Jailyn is already setting a strong foundation for a successful future.  But it didn’t come easy.


Jailyn brought courage with her when she entered foster care at 5 years old.  When she was reunited with her grandma, her kindness was called upon when her grandmother was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer.  Out of love and necessity, she learned how to bathe, clean and feed her. When her grandmother passed away, Jailyn was placed back in foster care.

Courage again led the way, but just being a normal kid was difficult at times.  It wasn’t the rigor of the classes she scheduled or a tough opponent on the basketball court;  it was the simple things that most kids take for granted that would cause her the most difficulties. Not armed with a computer, Jailyn would do all her homework on her phone. Not an easy task when you think about typing out a five-page report with your thumbs or working out algebra problems on the small screen of your smartphone.

Child Enrichment Program

That’s when Jailyn first became acquainted with the Foundation for Foster Children.  With your support, we were able to give her her first computer – a necessity for any student in today’s world.  Then, after the excitement of getting asked to her first prom, the reality set in at the cost of a prom dress.  What would the other kids say when she couldn’t go because she couldn’t afford it?  Again, the Foundation was able to help. she was able to experience prom like other teens, with a mani/pedi, a trip to the salon and a brand new navy gown adorned with rhinestones. Now, Jailyn is getting ready for graduation. Does she use the money saved up for college to buy a cap and gown?  What about a class t-shirt?  Everyone else has one. No worries! Now Jailyn has both, thanks to our donors.

“I see you help kids in care because we don’t get the normal things that kids get if they weren’t in care because of our situation. You are a blessing and I appreciate all of it,” Jailyn told the FFC, smiling with the confidence of an 18-year-old ready to tackle the world.

Armed with her courage, Jailyn is ready for her next challenge.  After graduation, she is enrolling at Seminole State College, then transferring to UCF to obtain her RN in nursing, in honor of her grandmother and in hopes that she will be able to pursue her passion of helping people.  A true model of courage, confidence, and kindness.