Lasagna & Laughter Cooking Night!

Cooking Night!

We were incredibly excited to try our first cooking night at a local group home! Volunteers shopped and brought all of the ingredients to make lasagna, Caesar salad, and garlic bread, along with aprons for the kids to decorate.

Thanks to the aprons and the hands-on teaching, the kids had that “chef” experience for the evening. The six kids really enjoyed having the company and learning how to make a dish from start to finish. Although a few were hesitant to try new things, they found they did great once they tried!

One of the teens commented on how much she enjoyed having the guests. She was amazed they were there just to spend time with them and that they’d done it voluntarily!

After all of the cooking, everyone dined on their own cuisine, playing some fun games, and creating beautiful paintings. The volunteers brought a lot of energy and heart to make it a truly great event for the kids!