Landon Likes to Learn

Meet three-year-old Landon. Our Early Literacy Coach started working with him in September. At the time he wouldn’t speak or smile and wanted nothing to do with reading, writing, or school in general. “I don’t want to” and “I can’t read that” were his general sentiments, which made the time spent with him even more challenging.

Our Early Literacy Coach was persistent. After several sessions, he started to realize that we always came back. As we began to earn his trust he started to talk and work with us. Landon started to learn color recognition while playing trains, he learned about shapes as we built towers, and learned to count as he played with leapfrogs. Before long he was having fun while learning without even noticing!

Our Early Literacy Coach has continued to visit with Landon. He loves to count and sort objects, read sight words, and practice cutting along diagonal lines. He smiles from ear to ear when we walk into his classroom and never wants us to leave. In just six short weeks Landon is the happiest three-year-old around who loves to learn.