John Gets his own Wheels!

Donation Gives John a new Car

Wow…what an experience! The Foundation for Foster Children had the absolute honor to help GOV student, John, get his first car! Carmen Morales, one of the FFC’s Education+ Advocates, was contacted regarding a couple who wanted to donate their vehicle! The donors, Mr. and Mrs. Hill, are active members of their church and community and simply wanted to shine a light on a young adult’s life. Guess what?! They achieved this!

The Foundation selected John to receive this vehicle donation due to his steadfast commitment to his goals. Not only is John a full-time student at Valencia College, but he also works a part-time job and attends weekly tutoring as well. John fulfilled the Foundation’s requirements and began by completing a budget sheet with the support of GOV’s Erica Beckworth and Ana Ulubiyo. Next, Orange County Administration assisted the donors and John with the entire DMV process! Also, a huge kudos to Bob’s Sunoco in College Park who’d made several repairs on the donated vehicle!

The Foundation supported this effort through funding the car repairs and assisting with the registration, tag, and title fees. The Foundation has also previously coordinated tutoring, provided interview attire, and educational incentives for John.

We are so incredibly appreciative to have all of this support from the community to make John’s dream of having a car a reality!