Fostering Fun at Aquatica 2016

Foster Kids Enrichment – Fun at Aquatica

“We were able to have a wonderful, Fun day at Aquatica with our 6 kids (4 foster) at the park. The memories were great. We were even able to include the foster children’s biological parents, allowing a bonding time they have not had in over half a year. We truly appreciate the efforts to put this together and look forward to other events to brighten our kids days.”

“Thank you sooooo much for a wonderful day yesterday. Everything was wonderful.  The kids were still talking about it this morning.  They had never been to Aquatica.  Nicolas is asking when are we going back and planning his day with all the experience he acquired yesterday.  Again, thank you for making these kids happy.”   

“Aquatica was a BLAST once again this year!!!

“Aquatica was a BLAST once again this year!!!  We all had sooo much fun!  And it is great to be in a place with other foster friends…. I know that it must be a lot of work for you guys but just know that we look forward to this day ALL YEAR!!!”

“I had the privilege of taking my family to the Aquatica fun day, made possible by The Foundation for Foster Children and I wanted you and your staff to know that we had an amazing time! Without the tickets that were provided by your foundation, we wouldn’t have been able to afford going, let alone eating at one of their awesome restaurants. We took full advantage of the opportunity and stayed until the park closed at 6pm, which gave my kids a chance to ride all the rides and see all the attractions that they wanted to. Again, thank you for the wonderful opportunity and for all that you do to strengthen the community by bringing families together!!!”

We had nearly 900 people sign up to join us for Fostering Fun at Aquatica on Saturday, May 14! Thanks to SeaWorldCommunity Based Care of Central Florida, and Panera Bread for helping to make this event a success. Attendees included foster, relative and non-relative homes, group homes, adoptive homes, transitional homes, and LIFEGUIDES mentor/mentee matches.