Education+ HS Graduation Luncheon

Education Program

Our Education Program Manager, Raquel, treated 5 students from the Education+ program for lunch today. This was to celebrate their recent high school graduation! After working with our Education+ advocates for an entire year, they managed to improve their academics and graduate successfully.


Getting our kids to graduate is a momentous occasion. Sadly, less than 60% of foster youth graduate from high school, in comparison to the 83% national average, so we are extremely proud of our kids. Additionally, fewer than 3% of foster youth obtaining a college degree before the age of 25, so we are doubly happy to report that all 5 students have plans to attend either Valencia College or Seminole State College.

Graduation Gifts

As a treat, the students were able to order anything they wanted for lunch. After we finished eating and congratulating our kids, each was given a graduation gift of a journal, 2 movie tickets, and a Target gift card. Congrats to all of the students in our Education+ program who graduated from high school this year, we are proud of your hard work!