EDUCATE Program’s New Initiative: Power Learners!

As an initiative of the Foundation for Foster Children’s EDUCATE Program, Power Learners offers services to children from birth through kindergarten to enhance their early language, literacy, and early reading development.  It began in 2017 as a volunteer initiative and was so well received and had such positive outcomes that in August 2020 it became a staffed initiative. Program staff are called Early Literacy Coaches.


  • My First Teacher: The Early Literacy Coach provides weekly home visits to assigned children from birth to kindergarten to facilitate and develop caregiver led activities for language, literacy and early reading development.
  • Professional Tutoring Services: Children enrolled in Kindergarten will receive intensive, one-on-one tutoring with professional tutors. Tutoring service will utilize a curriculum which includes pre and post testing, workbooks, handouts, and the use of educational software.
  • Workshops & Events: Learning workshops will be organized quarterly to provide hands on learning activities for children in addition to providing caregivers with early childhood development principles and best practices.
  • Enrichment and Education Funding Support: Opportunities will be funded for tools and resources which support learning activities. This includes funding for supplemental learning materials and activities such as outings to the Orlando Science Center, The Orlando Reparatory, children’s art events, etc.

For more information on Power Learners, send us an email at