From Illiterate to 3.75 GPA in 5 months

When 7-year-old Dayvion came to us for educational support, his previous education was basically nonexistent. Despite being old enough for second grade, he had never attended school. He could not count to 10 and he did not know his ABCs.

The FFC stepped in and made sure Dayvion got the attention he needed. After five months of intensive tutoring and the caring guidance of FFC Education+ staff, Dayvion is spelling four letter words, reading at a 1st-grade level and his current GPA is 3.75. Clearly, Dayvion has made a tremendous improvement in a very short time!

The FFC strives to change each foster child’s life as Dayvion’s. While every student might not have as large a gap in education, many kids in foster care are behind in school. On average, foster children are two years behind in their classes and half as likely to graduate high school. Oftentimes, all these kids need is someone to truly care about these.

This is why programs like Education+ are so important in the lives of foster children. When you invest in FFC and programs like Education+, you’re changing lifetimes for children like Dayvion. The FFC devotes their funds to providing individualized care for foster children so that the help they receive is unique to them.

You can help provide positive outcomes for children in foster care for as little as $25 per month.

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