Day 9: Exploring Possibilities

Summer Football Camp for the Youths

By now, most of you know of James, who is interning this summer with Techstars Chicago while he’s on break from studying at FSU. Before he was featured on PBS Newshour and before he gave his amazing speech at Fostering Hope 2015, he attended a summer football camp with assistance from FFC while he was in high school.jt

James said that the Football camp was a way for him to “be part of the world” and escape the monotony of summer in his group home. He also expressed that it made him feel important and trustworthy to be able to stay overnight at football camp which was a new experience for him. He was able to showcase his skills on the football field and when he felt he was being considered to play college football by the coaches, it was a major boost to his self-esteem.

For many foster children in Central Florida, the typical childhood experience of attending summer camp would not be possible without the assistance of the Foundation for Foster Children. Children who attend summer camp are given a safe place to learn and grow and build up their self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence. They also build healthy relationships with peers and adults.

With your help, we can raise $10K in 10 Days to send children in foster care to summer camp. We can reach our goal with 100 people giving $100 or just 10 people giving $1,000!