Day 10: Adventures at Summer Camp

Gratitude for 9 Adventures Summer Camp

We were thrilled to send Brian and Brandon to the 9 Adventure Summer camp this year! Through an exciting summer camp program, Brian and Brandon got to try a whole bunch of fun-filled activities they might never have gotten to try. Hear how the kids’ foster dad described the week:


“Thank you for sending Brian and Brandon to this adventure summer camp. They lived in the woods, did paintball, scuba dived, 4-wheeled, (rode) horses, and so many adventures they could not have had any other way.” 

–Bill, Foster Dad

Enrichment Program for Foster Kids

For many foster children in Central Florida, the typical childhood experience of attending summer camp would not be possible without the assistance of the Foundation for Foster Children. Children who attend summer camp are given a safe place to learn and grow and build up their self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence. They also build healthy relationships with peers and adults.

With your help, we can raise $10K in 10 Days to send children in foster care to summer camp. We can reach our goal with 100 people giving $100 or just 10 people giving $1,000! Are you unable to donate but still want to help the Foundation? Consider donating!