Day 4: Memories That Last a Lifetime

Camp Charles

Before modeling in our 2010 Chez Couture fashion show, Alberto was one of the first youth FFC ever sent to Camp Charles summer camp in 2008! Now in his early 20’s, Alberto still speaks fondly of his time spent at summer camp:

“I had an amazing time at Camp Charles in Virginia, I learned a lot about what people believe in and what they are willing to do for others.”

We’re happy to represent children like Alberto. Even after they age out of foster care, the Foundation makes sure to remain involved in the adult lives of the kids they represent. We can directly represent youth until age 23, but the partnerships we make last a lifetime.


For many foster children in Central Florida, the typical childhood experience of attending summer camp would not be possible without the assistance of the Foundation for Foster Children. Children who attend summer camp are given a safe place to learn and grow and build up their self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence. They also build healthy relationships with peers and adults.

With your help, we can raise $10K in 10 Days to send children in foster care to summer camp. We can reach our goal with 100 people giving $100 or just 10 people giving $1,000!