Combating Homelessness during Covid

Angel entered foster care at 11 years old when his father was incarcerated.  At 18 years old he was almost homeless when the family member he lived with told him he needed to move out. He contacted the Foundation for help. Lorvins, one of our EMPOWER Advocates, immediately started calling around to group homes to see if there was a space for Angel.  The Covid-19 virus made a complicated situation even worse, but Lorvins was persistent. He was able to find him a place at Covenant House, and also helped him get set up with virtual school to complete his senior year.

Today, Angel is currently enrolled at Valencia College and studying chemistry. He works at Chick-fil-A and lives with his girlfriend. When we last spoke with Angel he shared his sentiments about the Foundation: “I became homeless on my 18th birthday. FFC was the only one there for me. So because of this I feel grateful rather than alone.”