Cole Potrock: Young Philanthropist

Potrock Young Philanthropist

cole potrock

Can you remember the last time you had that warm feeling that comes from doing good in the world? A sense of happiness that is hard to describe but bubbles to the surface when you know you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. That’s how 14 year old Cole Potrock describes the feeling he had when he donated his birthday to the Foundation for Foster Children.

Giving to others has always been part of the Potrock family mantra. When Cole asked his friends to donate to the Foundation instead of bringing a gift to his birthday party, it was just another example of the conscious acts of kindness that he and his family have made each year.

Foster youth in Central Florida need textbooks, uniforms, cleats, and calculators just like every other child in school. One way you can help is to host a fundraiser for the Foundation, what we call a “Spotlight Party” because it shines a light on the challenges facing foster children in our community. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to bring your friends and/or family together to raise money for the Foundation. This can also be done with a virtual fundraiser using a website such as CrowdRise.

Questions? Contact to brainstorm ways you can help. You can give the gift of a brighter tomorrow for children in foster care!