Central Florida Women’s League and FFC

Central Florida Womens League FFC


In April we received a grant for $13,500 from the Central Florida Women’s League to fund our Transition to Adulthood program and to provide opportunities for foster youth. This will allow them to participate in the arts through our Fostering Success program!

CFWL is an entirely volunteer-led nonprofit organization working to support organizations in Central  Florida. They support local shelters, food services, nonprofits like the Foundation, and they also work with individuals on their needs. Since its inception thirty years ago, the CFWL has donated over $2 million!

. Since foster children usually age out of foster care without a support network in place, they rarely have the same chance of becoming a truly independent adult. Regrettably, foster children less often go to college and more often end up homeless or imprisoned. For these reasons, we will use the CFLW’s money to bolster our Transition to Adulthood program. We hope to equip foster children with the skills required for true independence, such as purchasing a home or a car, and to support them during their introduction to the open world.

We are so grateful for the support of Central Florida Women’s League.  They have dedicated themselves to advancing opportunities for charity, service, scholarship, and culture within our local community. Thank you, Central Florida Women’s League!