Cayden Receives Personalized Care

Meet Cayden. Cayden is 13 years old and lives at a group home with his siblings. He is outgoing, loves games and being active, and loves to sing and dance.

Cayden began tutoring with the Foundation as an 8th grader with a 2.5 GPA. Cayden’s tutor was able to provide personalized support in a safe space where he can focus and get the one-on-one attention he needs. In just nine weeks he was able to raise his GPA to a 3.9. “The thing I like about tutoring is it can clear up any misunderstandings on a school topic.”

Before working with the Foundation Cayden didn’t have the opportunity to participate in activities or play sports. We have been able to fund some of these opportunities including tutoring and summer camp, and look forward to continuing to serve Cayden with his needs in the future.