Art with Heart: Adventures at the Museum!

A Day Of Art Creativity

Participating in the arts helps children express themselves in new and unique ways! Cornell Fine Arts Museum has been an instrumental partner by co-hosting many memorable art events for foster children. Earlier this month, children were able to experience a day of creativity, largely in part due to Dr. Ena Heller, Bruce A. Beal Director; Louise Buyo, Education Coordinator; and Foundation volunteers.

During this event, children toured the exhibition, Displacement: Symbols and Journeys, a gallery of art created by artists who had shown great bravery. The children were led through the gallery, and they looked on in wonderment, as they paused to hear the stories behind each piece. Pivotal journeys of the artists from their homelands to a new land were featured throughout their work. Certain aspects of their experience paralleled those of many foster children, as pieces reflected having to leave all one knows to move to an unfamiliar place.

Following the tour, the children ate lunch and then engaged in DIY printmaking, led by Ms. Buyo. The group was asked to select meaningful words or phrases for their prints, and they thought hard to come up with some great ones, such as, “Talented”, “Faith, Belief, Love,” “Cheer Away Tears”, and “I Love Earth”. All of the kids put great effort into making sure their art turned out just the way they had envisioned! The big, block letters in white, surrounded by colorful paint, made their finished prints look trendy and modern. Beaming with pride, they were ready to show off their new creations! It was clear they had enjoyed their day out.


Thank you for photos, Dani Brown!