2016 Summer Camp

Summer Camp – Enrichment Program

This summer camp has been amazing! He (Laron) has been having fun hiking and camping, and has seen some waterfalls additionally he has also been learning to do things such as plant trees and flip over a canoe that has capsized…. The camp has been having the kids do a lot of teamwork activities and he is learning how to follow directives better, both within a team and on his own. He also has been completing initiatives. It’s been really great for him!” -Stephanie, Foster Mother


Thank you for helping me go to Sea World camp. My favorite thing was the dolphin show and the splash pad.  I learned about Shamu, Dolphins, seals and sea lions“- Allie

Thank you so much for giving Allie the opportunity to attend a camp at Sea World. She has been in foster care for 4 1/2 years so far and it has been tough on her at times.  Allie’s favorite animal is the dolphin so I knew she would love to learn about sea animals. When I told her she was going to camp, her face lit up and she screamed in excitement.  She counted down the days until camp. Every day I took her she was so happy. When I picked her up from camp she talked our ears off with all the things she did.  It was so nice to see her so happy.  We are so glad that there is an organization like yours to help foster kids fulfill some of their dreams.” -Heather, Foster Mother

This year, we have coordinated nearly 250 summer camps so far! In June, during our $10k in 10 Days campaign to raise money for summer camp, generous donors contributed $11,304 to send kids like Laron, Allie, and Hunter to summer camps that ranged from animation camp to Kennedy Space camp.