Meet Britney and Brandon

Siblings have a Passion for Dancing and Music

Britney and Brandon are siblings who share a passion for dance and music, but that is where the similarities end! Britney is free-spirited and animated, while Brandon is more serious and organized. Despite their differences and good-natured sibling bickering, they make a great team. With the assistance from FFC, they are able to take hip hop and tap dance classes. Working together to create dances, they have found a second family at Joy Performing Arts Studio.

A friendship like this would never have blossomed without the help of the FFC. Clearly, Britney and Brandon have a strong bond, but they couldn’t afford the dance classes that bring them together by themselves. These childhood opportunites allow for socialization, skill building and creative expression, which is why the Foundation focuses their funding on ventures like dance classes or swimming lessons. Giving kids a way to express themselves is invaluable.

Without the support of our donors, scholarships like Britney and Brandon’s wouldn’t be possible. You can help provide an emotional outlet for foster children, such as Britney and Brandon, by donating here today! You can donate confidently, knowing that your money will go to support individuals’ stories like Britney and Brandon’s.