DPAC and the Foundation team up to bring art to kids in care!

DPAC and the Foundation

Children from ages 6 through 18 were given a once in a lifetime opportunity. They toured backstage of one of the most beautiful performing arts centers in the country. The fairy tale doesn’t begin there, though. It all began when Cinderella came to DPAC and Kathy Ramsberger and Linda Santiago reached out to the Foundation with tickets to see the show.

To say the kids were excited would be an huge understatement. When they arrived to their seats, they were blown away by where their seats were located. Many times, kids in foster care are given great opportunities to experience things in our community, but it’s rarely in VIP style. But this time was different. They enjoyed the show sixth row and felt themselves like Cinderella at the ball.


DPAC2015cBut the generosity of DPAC didn’t end there. Yesterday, 15 lucky youth had the opportunity to see what it’s like behind the scenes with a tour of backstage, dressing rooms, and other areas the public would never see. Lavon Bracy-Davis led them on an incredible tour and giving them insight into the theater world AND inspiration to follow their dreams. The kids and staff of the group home¬†were so grateful to have been given this opportunity and we are sure it’s not something they will ever forget!