Twice the Twirls! Dance Lessons for our Kids

Dance lessons!

TY for Dance_Sahara and Savannah

We received two (Twice the Twirls) HUGE thank you cards from Sahara and Savannah, thanking us for their dance lessons. The cards for their lessons were crafted from poster board and adorned with glitter and festive decorations; our jaw dropped when we saw them!

Extracurricular Activities

Savannah and her twin sister, Sahara, three-year-old twin sisters, had not yet participated in an extracurricular activity and their foster family felt they’d truly benefit from dance lessons. The foster parents chose dance lessons as they believe it’s a great way to help enhance the girls’ motor skills.

The girls’ parents described them as “sweet and energetic little girls who love anything girly!” A typical day in the home consists of the twins singing and dancing around, dressed up as butterflies. To top it all off, not only are they learning to dance, at the dance lessons, but the foster parents say they’ve also got natural musical talent!

It sure sounds like a fun time over there!

How do I attend extracurriculars through the Foundation?

If you or a child you work with are currently in foster care, the Foundation can support you! Since we are committed to providing individualized support and normalcy, we make sure that kids have the opportunity to attend the programs they’re interested in. Just navigate to our request funding page and tell us what you’re interested in. Anyone can sign a child up: a case manager, a parent or the child themselves!