A Special Night for Rashanda

Thank Yous

FFC recently provided the funding for Rashanda to purchase her prom dress and ticket. She looks beautiful and we hope it was a magical night for her!

rashanda prom may 2016 2

Prom and other Normalcy Activities

The Foundation works diligently to make sure each foster child experiences a fulfilling childhood despite their circumstances. To this end, we fund individual purchases for our kids, such as prom tickets or school trips. We also support kids in various extracurriculars or out-of-school programs they may be interested in.

Foster families can receive financial assistance for other costs like bills or food, but the money for anything beyond necessities is often tight. The Foundation for Foster Children strives to provide individualized support for these “unnecessary” purchases. Rather than allow foster children to always feel “different” from their peers, we strive to make them feel like the foster system doesn’t hold them back.


rashanda prom may2016


Prom and other normalcy activities would not be possible for foster children in our community without the awesome support of our donors. By donating today, you can ensure that youth such as Rashanda can attend their prom, graduation, field trips, and other important childhood activities. With your help, Rashanda can experience a fulfilling childhood just the same as her peers.