Salem’s New Laptop

Salem’s New Laptop

Salem is a motivated teen who attends both high school and a technical school to work on cars. In his essay detailing the need for a new laptop, he wrote:


“I cherish the opportunity to receive free high school and technical education; I look forward to the opportunities it creates for me in the future. My plan includes furthering my automotive education past high school by going into engine design for Formula One racing. I can’t do this without a computer and can’t be better at my current level without a computer.”

His foster mother wrote to us and described Salem as “super smart” and a “nice young man”. We are so thrilled to help him achieve his dream of becoming an engine designer and cannot wait to see what he can do with the right tools!

Foster children often have to go without items considered necessities, such as professional clothing or laptops. While one may not require these items to live, one definitely needs them to compete in the modern world. For these reasons, the FFC strives to provide kids with the tools they need to thrive, not just survive.

If you’d like to support Salem and kids like him, consider donating. You can rest easy knowing your contribution will go directly to a child in need.