Congrats Grad!

Celebrating Abby’s Accomplishments

Thanks to the help of the Foundation’s Education Program (and her own hard work), Abby is graduating!


“Abby and I so appreciate the Foundation’s education program, all the volunteers and the people who donate to the cause.  Thank you!”-Maria, Dependency Specialist

Since 2009, FFC has provided Abby with eyeglasses, a yearbook, her senior package, a class ring, her prom ticket, driving lessons, and a laptop through our Fostering Success program. Abby was also a student in our Education+ program, receiving in-home, one-on-one tutoring.

We are so proud of her recent graduation from high school and her acceptance to Valencia College. We will be there to assist her as she begins this new chapter in her life through our Transition to Adulthood program.  If she requests a mentor to help guide her through the new challenges she’ll face, or financial assistance to cover textbooks or other items to be successful, she knows that FFC’s education program will be there to make the world of adulthood a little less daunting.

Here are a few ways that you can get involved to help youth like Abby as they make their way through foster care and into adulthood:

-Become a LIFEGUIDES mentor to a foster youth aged 17-23.

-Become a monthly donor to financially sustain our programs such as Fostering Success, Education+ and Transition to Adulthood.

Host a gift card drive at your office to help FFC fulfill one-time requests such as graphing calculators, prom dresses, or athletic equipment.

Host a Spotlight Party with your friends to raise money for FFC and raise awareness.