What Foster Care Means to Me #NationalFosterCareMonth

May is National Foster Care month and while we all have ideas about what foster care is, James – a current foster youth, shares his experience.

Foster Care… Two words that society has given nothing but a negative thought to. Many just avoid it at all cost and I can’t blame you. The only way you’ll know what the true colors of foster care are, is if you experience a life within it. I am 17 years old now, have been in foster care for a little over a year and it has been nothing but a home to me.

    Being in foster care has given me more than some may think. I have been given a loving family who supports me to the fullest. No matter how hard things get in school or with people there is always at least one person who can understand you. They all come from different places in the world and each of them are amazing to have, like what you may call a close family member or a true friend. Now if you don’t like to socialize and you prefer to live life as a lone wolf then that’s okay too. I started off thinking that. But by being in this position you can receive beneficial help especially with financial struggles. The state will help foster children with college and the Foundation for Foster Children can help with items for high school and other important materials you may need in life to succeed.

    Foster care is filled with many different advantages. There are so many things you can do here. If you stay long enough you’ll learn that there are free events organized by the group home or by the Foundation. For example, some of these events include an all-day wristband for Fun Spot, a trip to Universal, or a day at Aquatica. You can have lots of fun when you are in foster care, but not everything is fun and games because they take education very seriously. If you’re in high school and you are struggling, the Foundation offers tutors to help you get as much help as you need. Foster care will indeed help you chase your dreams. I have always wanted to go to Full Sail University or Valencia and living here has opened opportunities for both colleges.

After you turn 18 they will offer you many opportunities to make living arrangement plans. Home is just a place where you feel happy and safe. Although college and foster care is not for everyone, there are other programs that will offer the help you need wherever you may live. So if you don’t like living in a group or transitional home then the Foundation for Foster Children and Embrace will help you find an apartment for an affordable price. They will do everything they need to in order to ensure your happiness and safety. Foster care goes the distance to help and provide you with whatever you need in your life to succeed as a young man or young lady.

    You see those two words have given me nothing but the best things in life and all the help I need. I can never be more grateful. Life is nothing but a roller coaster ride but it’s up to you to choose what rollercoaster you will get on. So make your mark and show the world what makes you …you. Is it going to be all struggles and tragedies or are you going to overcome them to bring out the best in you? So my message to you is dream high and make the best with what you got because only you know what’s best for you.