So Much Water, So Little Time!

Foster Child Enrichment Program

Liam, age 3, knows all about the joy of swimming. He’s gotten to enjoy this childhood experience, thanks to his foster parents and the enrichment program at Foundation for Foster Children.

Since Liam’s foster family has a pool, they were very concerned about making sure he’d be water safe. Liam was nine months old when his foster parents enrolled him in survival swim lessons, funded by the Foundation. At the start of his lessons, he was very nervous and cried, but he’s since come a long way. “Liam never wants to leave! He wants to stay longer and longer….He’s crazy about the water!” his foster mom notes.

When Liam goes to lessons, one of his favorite things to do is the back-float. He also loves learning new things. When Liam found out one of the next skills would involve diving for toys he was “super excited”!

Liam has not only used his skills in the family pool, but also on outings to the beach and the river. He loves to relax and float in the water, and knows to never go alone, as this stuck with him from his lessons. When the family goes to the beach, Liam’s not the lounge around type. He can’t wait to swim and won’t rest until he gets his very own personal escort to the water!

Liam is a happy child who is confident in his swimming and loves showing off what he’s learned. After completing survival swim and the refresher courses, he will now move on to more advanced skills in his next series of lessons: swimming for fun and fitness, diving for pool toys at the bottom, safely jumping into the pool, snorkeling, and stroke development.

GO LIAM! The Foundation team is proud of you!