Jaleel: Homework Star

Jaleel – Homework Star

Sixth-grader Jaleel is kicking it in his tutoring program! His academics have been steadily improving, as well as his work ethic. He gave us an opportunity to mail this card to him about his homework star after receiving the following note from his tutor:


“Jaleel now completes his homework consistently. When I first started tutoring him, Jonna (his guardian) said he had multiple past due assignments. She and the teacher worked to organize what needed to be done, and we have worked on these missing assignments consistently. Jaleel keeps up the work outside of tutoring now, as well.”

Keep up the great work Jaleel! We are proud of you for working so hard!

Regrettably, many foster children are far behind their peers in school. they can end up a full two years behind academically, and more rarely attend college or graduate.

The Foundation for Foster Children hopes to change this reality for the better. FFC works with both tutors and children to make a meaningful match. With the assistance of tutors and Education Advocates, our kids get back on track in academics.

If you want to learn more about how to help foster children academically, inquire here!