Foster Fathering: What it REALLY means

Foster Dads

In celebration of Foster Dads throughout Central Florida and abroad, here are what five foster Dads said they found most meaningful about being a foster Dad when recently interviewed at our third annual Fostering Love for the Theater event on June 17, 2017.

Evan , “I would say it’s nice to be a foster Dad and have the opportunity to fill the gaps of love for these children while they are in our home.”
Gabe, “Being able to build connections with children that need a safe place and healing and to be able to provide that stability and environment where they can thrive.”

Steve, “Because of fostering I have two more blessings along with my biological children.”

Derick, “Foster Dads: The love and the caring and the patience and the long-suffering and the joy you can give a kid and understanding lessons to be learned about life that there is a lot more to life than what they have experienced, and we just get joy in just giving kids love.”

Dave, “Being a Foster Dad gives me the opportunity to give very young kids from challenging situations an opportunity to enjoy a normal, caring and safe home life. It is inspirational being a mentor to these kids. I try to instill in them a respect for family, community, country and God. I try to help them flourish and thrive in every aspect of their young life.”












Dan, “It helps fill holes in your life that you didn’t even know where there.”