Britney and Brandon

Britney and Brannon

Siblings Britney and Brandon love to dance! Brandon shared with us that, “You can tell your life story through one little dance. Everyone can feel what you’re feeling…Dancing is my life.”


“Thanks to the Foundation for letting me be me and letting me DANCE AND HAVE FUN!”

Thanks to FFC, Britney and Brandon are able to do what they love and express themselves through this art form. They’ve danced together for years now and both discovered a deep appreciation for it.

Before they started dancing, the two siblings didn’t have too many creative outlets. Seeing how their moods have improved since starting, it’s clear they’ve found their passion. Each of them is much happier and energetic, and more excited about the future. It’s clear to see how much difference a small change can make in a kid’s life!

Many foster kids often have to do without on things like extracurriculars. These purchases are considered “unnecessary” or “extra”. The FFC, however, thinks these childhood experiences are vital to a child’s happiness. That’s why we directly support foster kids with grants and other financial support.

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