Volunteer Spotlight: Michele

Safe Spaces and Supplies

Michele has been volunteering with the Foundation as a “Safe Spacer” Volunteer since April 2014.  She has given more than 170 hours of her time! She ensures that the Safe Spaces and Supplies are ready to accept children during an incredibly traumatic time for them. This is a crucial volunteer position because her work ensures that children will have a comfortable, child-friendly place to rest following the removal from their home until they go to their foster home.

Maintaining Safe places and supplies

Michele rotates with other volunteers to visit the safe spaces. She maintains them by keeping them tidy and well-stocked with supplies such as backpacks, pajamas, infant items, handmade blankets, hygiene and school kits, books, stuffed animals, snacks, and more. Michele takes pride in making sure the safe spaces look their best and she is always faithful to report back if items need to be replenished. Michele even got her 90-year-old aunt involved in the cause and her aunt has knitted many beautiful items for the children!


In addition to her love for volunteering, Michele enjoys traveling “first and foremost”.  She also loves sewing, quilting, calligraphy, running, and yoga. Visiting Museums and collecting postcards are another thing at the top of her list! In fact, Michele taught us something new when she shared that she is a “deltiologist”, or postcard collector! Thank you for your steadfast dedication, Michele!