New LIFEGUIDES Match: Teri and Rashanda

New LifeGuides Match

We’d like to take the time to congratulate Teri and Rashanda on finding each other through the Foundation’s LIFEGUIDES program! Together, they hope to build life skills and a strong relationship. Since they were matched due to their personalities, it should be a good fit!

teriandrashanda may 2016

The LIFEGUIDES Mentoring

The LIFEGUIDES mentoring program offers additional support to 17-23-year olds transitioning out of the foster care system. Moreover, the mentors dedicate themselves to providing social and emotional support to these young adults.  Mentors assist with general life skills training. They facilitate the transitions from high school to vocational training, college, or a new job. With the help of mentors, our foster children should gain the skills to become functioning, independent members of society.

The LifeGuides Program

Through the LIFEGUIDES program, youth who are in out-of-home foster care, extended foster care or those living independently and receiving Post-Secondary Educational Services and Support (PESS), are matched with a supportive community volunteer trained to help them transition to adulthood and independence.

If you’d like to become a LIFEGUIDES mentor yourself, you can inquire here. You’ll learn about how to deal with the unique aspects of working with foster children. Then, the Foundation will pair you with a foster child looking for a mentor themselves.