New LIFEGUIDES Match: Benjamin and Dwayne

Newest LIFEGUIDES Matches

Benjamin and Dwayne are one of our newest LIFEGUIDES matches and have plans to try boxing and sushi together!

benanddwayne may 2016

The LIFEGUIDES mentoring program offers 17-23-year olds transitioning out of the foster care system a  dedicated mentor. Our mentors work to provide social and emotional support.  Mentors assist with general life skills training and facilitate the transitions from high school to vocational training, college, or a new job.

The Program

Through the LIFEGUIDES program, youth match with a supportive community volunteer trained to help them transition to adulthood and independence. Anyone in out-of-home foster care, extended foster care, or living independently and receiving Post-Secondary Educational Services and Support (PESS) is eligible.

Too often, our foster youth have grown up without a consistent role model or support system in place. Our LIFEGUIDES mentors try to fill both of these voids with companionship, training and basic assistance. Kids might not know something complicated like learning to drive or apply for a loan. They also might now know something simple like knowing how to work a thermostat. These skill-based concepts are much harder to learn without a role model. With the help of the Foundation and our mentors, we can make a difference in a child’s life and make them an independent, competent member of society.