NASA hosts foster families for SpaceX Launch!

After breakfast, all the families had front row seats to an exclusive seating area to watch a SpaceX rocket launch out of Kennedy Space Center. There were many oohs and aahs as the night sky lit up when the SpaceX burst into view. The kids and families cheered and expressed amazement at the incredible sight. Following the space launch, all the families were given tickets to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex along with gift bags from NASA.

One family wrote:-

“Thank you for the launch experience for the kids and a day at Kennedy Space Center.  The kids were in awe of how bright the launch was and watching science happen before their eyes.  They got to meet and shake hands with an Astronaut at KSC and hear his story of how he became an astronaut.  It was great for them to hear about how important education is but also most importantly perseverance!  Thank you for a truly awesome day and a once in a lifetime opportunity!  We are truly grateful for all that put this event together for us to enjoy!

  — Cardinal Family


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