MLK Day: Kind Hearts United!

MLK Annual Volunteer Event

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we hosted our second annual MLK Day of Service event at our office. We were ecstatic to have over seventy volunteers join us all throughout the day! We had lots of new faces and many returning volunteers too. Volunteers worked hard, making incredibly festive cards to celebrate birthdays through our Celebration Club and educational achievements for our Education+ kids! Volunteers also sorted and prepared bags with all kinds of comfy socks for the Safe Spaces.

Parents and children volunteered alongside one another and enjoyed serving as a family. Individuals and friends also came to serve in honor of Martin Luther King Jr!

They poured their hearts into their art and hundreds of marvelous handmade cards were the result!

The Foundation for Foster Children is committed to recognizing and celebrating the birthday of each foster child we represent. Our volunteers help us write over 1500 birthday cards to send out, and contributions from donators allow us to fund birthday parties and celebrations for our kids. In a world where one’s birthday might just be another day, the Foundation is determined to make a child’s birthday a special occasion.

This is just one example of how the Foundation strives for individualized services for kids, with a focus on normalcy and recognition. Even a small gesture like a birthday card can show a child that they’re appreciated and that someone thought of them on their birthday.

Can I make cards like this?

Yes, you can! Since this is an annual event, you can check in next Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to participate. If you’re interested in volunteering, follow this link to our volunteer page. For some extra reading, you can check out our Volunteer Spotlight for Paul and Enid, two volunteers who are avid about making birthday cards. We hope to hear from you!

How else can I help?

There are several volunteer opportunities at the Foundation for Foster Children; we could not function without your help! Additionally, you could make a donation to the Foundation or consider becoming a mentor to a child.