Making A Difference

Our friends at IKEA donated a variety of brand new household items for foster youth living in group homes so that they would have enough towels, sheets, storage, and kitchen items to get through the quarantine comfortably, including a new stove for a group home whose stove had died!
They also put together graduation gifts for foster youth who worked so hard to graduate this year but did not get to have their moment in the spotlight. Foster youth have to deal with so many obstacles in order to reach graduation, and only 50% are able to graduate high school.  This makes it even harder for our youth who defied the odds but were denied their moment of glory by a merciless pandemic.

Of course, these past few months have been difficult for everyone, but in a strange way, all of this social distancing has also brought us closer together! We realize that we have more in common when it comes down to it. We are all human, who are vulnerable to the same ailments, feel lonely when we are separated from loved ones, and have been reminded that people not possessions are what are truly important at the end of the day. We’re proud to be a part of this great community and would like to say a special thank you for the support we have received for our foster children during this difficult time in the world. Your wonderful cards of encouragement are being distributed to the kids as we speak and will let them know how much they are cared for, and how proud we are of their accomplishments.