Featured in Altamonte Wekiva Springs Life

Executive Director

Our Executive Director Betsey Bell and her family appear in Altamonte Life Magazine and Lake Mary Life Magazine for her work with children in Foundation for Foster Children.  Betsey and her kids are on the cover of the magazine as shown in the image below.

Both in and out of the office, Betsey Bell devotes herself to serving local foster children. After raising four biological children of her own, Betsey and her partner, Rechaud, decided to adopt two more children: Emmanuella and Esperanza. Despite both girls having already aged out of foster care, Betsey believed the girls still needed a “forever” family.

When asked about her decision to adopt children about to age out of foster care, Betsey explained that kids still need a home after they turn eighteen. “Many people say, ‘Why adopt at this age?’ But Emmanuella has 80 more years to live,” says Betsey. “She needs a family, someplace to call home, and we are her family.”

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