Discovering Ryan’s Self-Motivation

Meet Ryan. Ryan is in our EMPOWER program as our primary focus is to assist him in finding his internal passion and motivation. Ryan has been reactionary in completing tasks, most often with school. He tends to make academic effort mostly to satisfy the adults in his life. Our team has been working with him on this, and so far he hasn’t missed a single appointment with his Advocate.

Ryan has just re-entered extended foster care after an unsuccessful attempt to reconnect with his birth mother who continues to struggle with substance abuse. The Foundation has provided Ryan with a laptop computer, as he is working on his GED through an adult learning center in Central Florida.  We have also provided a 30-day unlimited bus pass, as well as money for groceries as he participates in healthy cooking training at his residence.  Ryan is passionate about music, extremely kind and caring, and he often expresses his appreciation for the assistance provided to him by the Foundation.

Most recently Ryan was able to celebrate his 20th birthday at a restaurant of his choosing in Kissimmee with some of our Advocates. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of the Foundation. Thank you for believing in me.”